Forest Resource Analysis System Software
The Forest Resource Analysis System Software (FRASS) has been developed by Forest Econometrics, to create a reliable and efficient lands management system for scheduling economically optimal forest management activities while also valuing discrete timber land properties. FRASS has been designed to integrate factors of timber species, size, growth, density, and response to management with data on soils productivity, riparian protection for riverine species, bird species, and zoning regulations. These physical site conditions are combined with monthly updated market economic data to provide users with predictions of value and management activities consistent with optimal economic decision making tools. At the same time, it provides users a reliable system of predicting the probable sales price of parcels based on timber production as the Highest and Best Use.

This program is focused on parcels, composed of timber stands, roads, rivers, and other physical components of the land and resources. The holders of these lands may be commercial timber companies, federal or state agencies, Trust owners, or Indian Tribes or Nations. The process of determining the site's intrinsic value in response to site factors and the economic profile of the region, and the country, is part of this process of value estimation. This program provides the user with tools that can be used in making economic decisions about land management.
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Forest Resource Analysis System Software
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